Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gosh, I work slowly !!

I spent my whole afternoon playing at Cathy Brown's house. I had such huge expectations of getting so much done, but only ended up making ONE (yes, 1) pendant. Granted, it was a two layer hand sawed copper/brass sheet that I riveted in multiple places.  I guess it's ok to work for 4 hours on a project, but try to explain that to your customers. They'll look at a piece and can't figure out why it costs so much ! TIME !!!
Now, 4 hours for just the pendant part (not including the time it took to etch the metals, we'll just call that a wash), 15 minutes to make the acorn bead, another 8 hours electroforming the top, then another hour or so figuring out how to "string it up"  No pictures yet, it's still tumbling, but it'll be coming soon !

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