Saturday, December 5, 2009

Got a few new ones in the kiln !

I had a rare opportunity to torch all day long yesterday ! My friend, Robin and I flew an up and coming lampwork artist to Indy to be her guinea pigs. She's wanting to teach, and "doesn't know if she's good enough"  WHAT???? Lol !  Her name is Julie Nordine (Credit River Art Glass) and she makes amazing beads ! Uses lots of Silvered Glass.(YUUUM $$$) She helped me "tweak" my style. I'm getting there ! All bead makers want a style that everyone can look at your bead and say "that's a so and so bead"  Well, someday I want for people to say "that's a Carol Watson bead !"  Not quite there yet, but closer !
I came home tonight to a driveway and part of the garage covered in OIL. Oil as in, the oil that I used to fry the thanksgiving turkey in. Guinness decided I was gone too long today, and got bored. He dumped the box that the 3 gallon bottle that held the used oil was in. Darn it ! I was supposed to go back to Robin's tonight for more play time, but when I saw that mess, I decided to clean it up and stay home. I got some torch time in tonight. Made a few of Julie acorn's with my twist, and a HUGE heart that I can't wait to see. It looks to me like a Carol Watson bead !!!!  lol
I"ll go back tomorrow for more ! I'm having so much fun just creating and playing. Wish I could do it everyday !

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